Machine Gun Rentals

Machine Gun Rentals

Machine Gun Rentals

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Take Aim Gun Range (in House) Machine Gun Rental

Take Aim Gun Range provides a centrally located, fully air-conditioned indoor gun range located in Sarasota, Florida with numerous protected shooting positions. We have a very comfortable lounge area and spectator area if you just like to watch people shoot.

The Machine Gun rental choices are:


Rate: $30.00 

with a certified instructor


Rate: $35.00

1 magazine full auto shoot - 30 rounds  

with a certified instructor

Why Choose Our Machine Gun Rentals Training

This is a great way to enjoy renting machine guns and test out our

different models of fully automatic weapons.

Machine Gun Rentals


We have friendly staff who are very knowledgeable.

Discover our Machine Gun Rentals Training

Take Aim Gun Range (in House) Machine Gun Rental

Take Aim Gun Range will guide you how to choose the right full automatic machine guns.

Take Aim Gun Range will make sure that you are safe during your machine gun training.

Take Aim Gun Range, Sarasota, Florida

We have training on proper handling of machine guns in Sarasota, Florida.

Rent a Machine Gun Sarasota, Florida

We offer a machine gun rentals in Sarasota, Florida. You Should Check it out.

Machine Gun Rental Events Sarasota, Florida

Our machine gun rental events in Sarasota, Florida is unique and professional among others.

Machine Gun Shoot Sarasota, Florida

We have a great deal on machine gun training in Sarasota, Florida.

My wife and I love this place. Take Aim has a friendly staff who are very knowledgeable. Mike Magowan is the best trainer I know, and Peter is, well, Peter, and we love them both. Very family oriented, calm atmosphere (for a gun range), and their prices aren't bad either. Check them out, and fire a few rounds while you are there.

Sarasota, Florida

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